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the great f.a.t festival team

The F.A.T. Since its creation in 2015, the Festival has been a popular and demanding event. Centered on theater, its programming explores several entry points to address regulars and those uninitiated in this art. It is also developing a global project of territorial impact on the fringes of the event.A creative festival, each year it offers the (co)production of a show that is created in the region. Through its plural programming and influenced by its inhabitants and its ecosystem, it incites the curiosity of spectators.


Since its creation, the event has enjoyed significant popularity.Today, the F.A.T. Festival takes place over five days and offers three shows and one concert per day.


The F.A.T. Festival has become a major event in the summer cultural program in Drôme. Every summer becomes a moment of sharing and conviviality around shows that cover a wide variety of registers: classical theater, contemporary, alone on stage, young audiences, gestural theater, mask, musical show and other free forms.  ;

Although it remains a predominantly theatrical event, music plays an essential role.All concerts are offered outdoors and free of charge, in line with the global policy of facilitating access to live performance. The meeting of the two disciplines allows the mixture  between several audiences. The concerts also help to whet the curiosity of our audiences. Through music, spectators also come to see other artistic forms that they would not have come to see in the first place. They are the cornerstone of the convivial times which are part of the DNA of the festival.

In 2022, the 7th edition of the F.A.T Festival showed that the event has reached an important milestone. With attendance that exceeds that pre-covid, support for the first time from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and mobilization of the private sector in the organization of the event, the F.A.T. Festival has anchored itself in the local imagination but is also recognized for its regional influence.

f.a.t festival artists

They've been there

Yohan Guion, Victor Calcine, Jeremy B. williams, Benjamin Duc, Julie Cucchiaro, Violette Clairfayt, Sarah Calcine, Bertrand Mounier, Katia Miran, Vladimir Perrin, Léa Dauvergne, Lizzy Droulers-Poyotte, Eurydice El-Etr, La Compagnie Lez Art, Laetitia Ayres, Les Marx Sisters, la Chorale Chauffe Marcelle, Zob', DJ Michel, Corentin Voiseux, Gérard Theruel, Marie Wauquier, Eric Auvray, Camille Tavert, Clémence Magnet, Les Mauvais Elèves : Valérian Béhar-Bonnet, Bérénice Coudy, Elisa Benizio, Antoine Richard, Shirley et Dino. Mélanie Vindimian, Edouard Michelon, Nicolas Souville, The Latebloomers : Jonathan Tilley, Samuel Dugmore, Oliver Nilsson. Clownfish Theatre : Jess Clough MacRae. Coline Serreau et la Chorale du Delta, Collectif Big Easy, La Belle Lurette, Laurent Fellot, La Guoguette en Folie, La Compagnie Abraxas : Damien Roussineau, Alexis Perret. Houdia Ponty, Maxime Feton, Arno Nguyen, Isabelle Couloigner, Hélène François, Ophelie Legris, Ivan Cori, Andréa Brusque, Nicolas Perrochet, Chauffe Marcel, The Blue Dahlia Project, Lidelair, Erika Guillouzouic, Claire Lavernhe, Gaël Cottat, Julia Hanriot, Lisa Colin, Léonard Boissier, Marianne Téton, La compagnie Alma: Emel Hollocou, Katia Grau, Clara Parr Gribbell, Léo Grise, La compagnie de l'Éternel Été: Matthieu Brugot, Victor Duez, Benoît Gruel, Deniz Türkmen, Le collectif In Itinere: Victor Barrere, Andrea Boeryd, Paul Colom, Julia Free, Ulima Ortiz, Secan Oytun Tokuç, Le Teatro Strappato: Cecilia Scrittore, Vene Vieitez, The Memory Box:Émilie Llamas, Sabine Sassi, Nolwenn Tanet, Damien Jourdan: Benoit Rapetti, Pierre Coutaudier, Mama Colite: Angela Erazo, Justine Desprez, Isabelle Perrachon, Mika Elvio: Cyril "Pimousse", Thomas Boulenger, Les Marx Sisters...

And many more to come ! You make the F.A.T. Festival !
Thank you so much!

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