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After 8 editions, the F.A.T Festival is on indefinite hiatus.


in brief



The F.A.T. Since its creation in 2015, the Festival has been a popular and demanding event. Centered on theater, its programming explores several entry points to address regulars and those uninitiated in this art. It is also developing a global project of territorial impact on the fringes of the event.A creative festival, each year it offers the (co)production of a show that is created in the region. Through its plural programming and influenced by its inhabitants and its ecosystem, it incites the curiosity of spectators.


Since its creation, the event has enjoyed significant popularity.Today, the F.A.T. Festival takes place over five days and offers three shows and one concert per day.


The F.A.T. Festival has become a major event in the summer cultural program in Drôme. Every summer becomes a moment of sharing and conviviality around shows that cover a wide variety of registers: classical theater, contemporary, alone on stage, young audiences, gestural theater, mask, musical show and other free forms.  ;

Although it remains a predominantly theatrical event, music plays an essential role.All concerts are offered outdoors and free of charge, in line with the global policy of facilitating access to live performance. The meeting of the two disciplines allows the mixture  between several audiences. The concerts also help to whet the curiosity of our audiences. Through music, spectators also come to see other artistic forms that they would not have come to see in the first place. They are the cornerstone of the convivial times which are part of the DNA of the festival.

In 2022, the 7th edition of the F.A.T Festival showed that the event has reached an important milestone. With attendance that exceeds that pre-covid, support for the first time from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and mobilization of the private sector in the organization of the event, the F.A.T. Festival has anchored itself in the local imagination but is also recognized for its regional influence.



a popular theater

The F.A.T. initiative Festival starts from a common desire to create and share theater in a caring environment. The company Le Lobard bleu wants to (re)discover theater to as many people as possible, outside of traditional places and as we like it:joyful, friendly and daring.

Artists are invited to stay throughout the festival to discover the other shows and meet the public. Through this policy, and by maintaining intimate gauges, the F.A.T. Festival also works on the link between audiences and artists. 


The F.A.T. Festival aims to be accessible, firstly through its content but also through its pricing policy. If ticket revenue currently remains a main issue for the budgetary balance of the structure, the festival maintainsaffordable rates in the form of passes. Of theconcerts offered to all and the free access for children to all shows also allows this accessibility.


The festival also works on the inclusion of all. It is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility, and also works with local medical and social institutions. The Camphill Le Béal Life Center, for example, provides premises to the companies hosted and helps the festival materially.

rethinking the festival form through creation

The F.A.T. Festival devotes a large part to creation. Each year, a show is created ahead of the festival in the region. This welcome makes it possible to develop other times of meetings and mediation in the region. This approach aims to decompartmentalize the festival form to offer a longer and unique experience for spectators with the programmed works.

The dissemination of these creations at the national level also consolidates the influence of the structure and the region.

The bourgeois gentlemanby Molière - 73 performances

The Forced Marriage of George Dandinaccording to Molière - 35 performances

A door must be opened or closedby Musset - 158 performances

Three Breakups by Rémi de Vos - 15 performances 

Attenborough & his animals by Clownfish Theater - 72 performances (France, UK and Australia)

Amedeo, the Modigliani enigma - 5 performances (currently in operation)

Triboulet by the Teatro Strappato - 3 performances (France) (France, Spain - Currently in operation)

an event carried by the

If the Compagnie Le Homard bleu allowed the administrative and artistic structuring of the festival, the F.A.T. Festival is a real territorial project.The association's office is entirely made up of residents of Taulignan and the surrounding area. It was also renewed in 2022. It is an office involved in the governance of the structure and the directions given to the event. Its members guarantee local mobilization. Every year, the Taulignanais host artists and more than 60 volunteers are involved in the logistics of the festival. For the most part, these volunteers have been involved since the very first editions of the festival. Indispensable to its realization, they become cultural actors. Resolutely citizen, the F.A.T. Festival creates connections, meetings and sharing. It contributes to the influence of the village and more generally to the territory as well as to the local economy. 

a sustainable, sober and responsible festival

THEsustainable development of the festival is a priority. His team works to raise awareness and  making everyone responsible for sorting and preserving the environment. This is reflected in actions through known actions such as the use of ecocups or the implementation of a composting system. The different restaurateurs present on the festival site are also selected according to their commitments to theshort and organic circuit while maintaining affordable prices. This is also reflected in the development of artistic programming, soft mobility, touring logic, and work with local artists. This also infuses the technical work with the optimization of energy expenditure, the use of LEDs, the sobriety of the site…

volunteers, local population & artists

The F.A.T. Festival is a real territorial project. Every year, the host artists andmore than 50 volunteers are involved in the logistics of the festival. Indispensable to its realization, they become cultural actors. Resolutely citizen, the F.A.T. Festival creates connections, meetings and sharing. It contributes to the influence of the village and more generally to the territory as well as to the local economy.

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