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Amedeo, l'énigme Modigliani

Matthias Fortune and Erika Guillouzouic

AMEDEO, L'ENIGME MODIGLIANI_photo 5_edited.png

"Scandal at the Grand Palais! The vernissage of the retrospective celebrating the hundredth anniversary of Modigliani's disappearance is brutally interrupted by the police. The curator is suspected of being involved in a major art deal. The centerpiece, Reclining Nude, is believed to be a fake.

in brief

the show

Under pressure, Salomé, art critic for the daily Le Siècle, has two hours to write an article about the event. She unwillingly joins forces with Arthur, a newcomer to the paper. Even though they have nothing in common, like detectives they retrace the incredible story of the famous painting painted by Modigliani in poverty, and sold a century later for 170 million dollars at auction.

Salomé and Arthur take us on an improbable journey through time, from the Paris of the Great War to the present day. This plunge into the world of an artist on a constant quest for freedom will upset the journalists, calling into question their relationship with their own freedom of expression.

the team

Matthias Fortune et Erika Guillouzouic


Matthias Fortune Droulers

Stage direction

Erika Guillouzouic

Assistant Director

Featuring : Anne-Sophie Liban, Gaël Cottat, Ivan Herbez, Claire Lavernhe, Matthias Fortune Droulers et la voix de Benoît Allemane

Félix Carcone

Original music


Audrey Belin

Costume design

David Van Tongerloo



Duration : 1h25
Supported by the Drôme department and DRAC Auvergne-Rhône Alpes

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