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the F.A.T 2020 surprise

The F.A.T Festival 2020 is canceled but...


Dear friends, dear public,

Despite the cancellation of the FAT Festival, which had been taking place for 5 years in Taulignan,our wonderful team of artists and volunteers wanted to maintain and share a friendly event around the theater.


Thanks to the generous support of the Town Hall of Valaurie and the Priory of Grignan, this event will take place!


August 15th will be an opportunity for the Lobster Bleu company, historic organizer of the FAT Festival, to present its new work in progress:Amedeo, the Modigliani enigma, a thrilling and fanciful journalistic investigation into the work of the famous artist. 

We will offer you a friendly drink at the end of the show!


Young and old, we look forward to seeing you. Long live the theater!

August 15 - 9 p.m.

Amedeo, the Modigliani enigma

Presentation of work in progress: exit from residency

By Matthias Fortune Droulers and Erika Guillouzouic.

With Anne-Sophie Lebanon, Gael Cottat, Ivan Herbez, Claire Lavernhe and Matthias Fortune Droulers.

2019 edition

Iliade Compagnie Homard Bleu


Epic in an attic - based on Homer (All audiences / running time 1h10)
Two brothers return to the attic of their childhood to find brooms, sieves and old furs as they were... all the objects they used to embody heroes, gods and goddesses... Thirty years on, they play "l'Iliade" one last time, with the energy and inventiveness of childhood games.
A physical and poetic performance in the service of Homer's text, magnificently translated by Jean-Louis Backès.

LE PARISIEN "An incredible performance."
FIGAROSCOPE "Two actors. 30 characters. A formidable mythical epic."
VAUCLUSE MATIN "This Iliad is not to be missed. Tonic, dense, joyful..."

Directed and performed by Damien Roussineau & Alexis Perret


La Chorale du Delta

An eclectic repertoire covering the history of music from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Directed by Coline Serreau. Website

Chauffe Marcel

A singing accordionist and a guitarist, double bassist and singer offer you their jazzified, swinging, lilting covers of songs, a music that's crossbred, mixed and spicy...  

The Blue Dahlia

An international musical project led by New Yorker Dahlia Dumont. A journey through song, reggae, swing, klezmer melodies and Latin rhythms. A joyful, danceable experience, an organic sound driven by electric energy !


A concert for all audiences, between seriousness and derision, seriousness and lightness, choreography and showerheads. It's light, it's fresh, it's current, it sings French and it'll get your granny swinging.

Collectif Big Easy

Big easy is the nickname of New Orleans, a city in the state of Louisiana, sometimes languorous, sometimes frenetic... Big Easy is also a collective of musicians from the Drôme region who will take you on a non-stop journey to New Orleans ! Read more

La Goguette en folie

"Live karaoke" with a repertoire of 260 songs of all kinds! Surrounded by an accordionist, a guitarist and a double bassist, the evening progresses, vocal chords are loosened, and it's no longer one person singing, but the whole audience ! Website

2018 edition