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theater workshops /
participation in shows

The company works with the public in its creative process. For the past 9 years, it has been running a comprehensive regional project in Drôme provençale.

For the creation of "Amedeo, l'énigme Modigliani", the company is taking its work a step further by including a troupe of spectators-actors in the show for two scenes, "Le bal costumé 1917" and "Vente aux enchères, New York, 2015". The actors offer a program of workshops prior to the performance, enabling participants of all ages to act out one of the show's first scenes.

Provisional schedule for the participation workshop :
2h on Friday evening (meeting time) // 5h on Saturday // 5h on Sunday
Monday evening performance


We propose to explore the themes addressed in the play (the artist, journalism, the art market) by taking over art venues, museums and galleries, and integrating adapted performances.

educational path

Open rehearsals and residencies to discover the creative stages of a show.
Numerous educational possibilities are available.

in the case of the creation "In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of Jackie Chan"

The company's creations draw on a wide range of references, and it is therefore working on the creation of cultural initiatives that can pursue the representation of certain themes in greater depth :

  • Conference on musical exploration: "Cantonese pop", music of emancipation ?

  • Film conference: Jackie Chan: Hong Kong's Buster Keaton, with excerpts from films by Jackie Chan, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

  • Conference-debate on education and learning

The company will also be offering workshops for all or specific audiences :

  • Writing workshop : Exploring the biographical genre. Crossed biographies

  • Body theater workshop based on work in the martial arts

workshop animation

In addition to one-off cultural events around its creations, the company regularly runs workshops on public speaking and social networking. These workshops are mainly aimed at pupils from schools in REP or REP+ (priority education network) areas.

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